Petite sweaters and other small women's clothing discussed

Petite Sweaters

Petite sweaters for women are offered in many materials, including cashmere, cotton, wool, and cardigan styles.

Petite sweaters are a vital part of the petite lady’s wardrobe.  Standard fit sweaters are often too long, or they have sleeves that dangle over the ends of short arms and have to be folded back which spoils the whole look of the sweater. Petite sweaters allow for the difference in height of the petite woman and tailor clothing to suit them.

The special fitting of petite sweaters enhances shorter figures and makes them look more attractive. There are a few things that need to be considered when shopping for petite sweaters.

Buying petite sweaters gives you a much better fit because of the different body proportions, and the sleeves should be a better length for you. Don’t be tempted to buy regular sweaters and think that you can fold the cuffs back. You may well have to roll them back several times and that look is not good.

Choose the neckline of your petite sweaters to suit your figure shape. The right neckline will enhance the figure. Most women find that a V neck sweater suits them and it can make them look slimmer and taller.  Famous personalities like America Ferrara of ‘Ugly Betty’ fame wear them in conjunction with a vertical pattern down the front to make her look taller and slimmer. Short women who have a triangular shaped figure will look good in petite sweaters with boat necks which give the look of broad shoulders.

Great big bulky cowl necks are not at all flattering when it comes to petite sweaters for the shorter lady. Anything that is bulky is generally not very flattering. Bulky yarn knitted into petite sweaters and big designs should also be avoided. Ruffles should be small and petite too and it is important to avoid the ‘Christmas Tree’ effect where just about everything you can imagine is attached to the sweater.

When selecting petite sweaters it is essential to choose fabric that is going to be comfortable to wear. Avoid anything that is going to be scratchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes a wool sweater can sound like a good idea but when you actually get some woollen garments on they can be scratchy and itchy. This has to do with tiny filaments of wool that stick up and prickle the skin. It is wise to try on petite sweaters before buying them if you are buying wool.

Petite sweaters made of knitted cotton are usually very comfortable to wear but do not have the warmth of a wool, or cashmere one, so it depends on where and when you want to wear your petite sweaters. Some sweaters are made from blends of various types of fiber and contain silk and lycra, plus a range of other yarns. Check the labelling to see exactly what you are getting for your money because what may seem like super soft cashmere can turn out not to be. Always read the washing instructions before purchase because some petite sweaters require dry cleaning which can be very inconvenient.